Individualized Care

The care patients receive with Dr. Lewis is a different experience than what they will find at other “implant centers.”  Many other centers have one solution they recommend for every patient.  This practice exists to understand the true desire of each patient.  Through that understanding, Dr. Lewis develops individualized treatment recommendations that are as unique as each patient.  Through this our patients find peace of mind in knowing this is the best Dental Treatment in Greeley for their own needs.  In the end our patients receive a high quality consistent product that allows them to forget about their previous dental problems and enjoy life.

Dr. Ryan Lewis is in the forefront of developing the newest techniques, materials and methods because he truly believes that each day he must evolve and become better to have the ability to deliver the best individualized care and peace of mind.   Dr. Lewis is a key opinion leader for the most advanced dental surgical guide company in the United States and also for the leading  dental implant company in the world.  He travels all over the United States teaching other dentists how to diagnose patients, plan, and restore screw retained dentures.

Hybrid screw retained denture “All on 4 Dentures”

Hybrid screw-retained dentures are a type of denture that provides reliable, long-lasting results to those who have lost most or all of their teeth.  Unlike removable dentures, hybrid screw-retained dentures are held firmly in place with titanium screws anchored into the jawbone at carefully selected locations.  With decades of successfully providing predictable results, hybrid screw-retained dentures are an excellent option for those who desire functional aesthetics with an advanced level of comfort.

Hybrid dentures are versatile and can be used as bridges or as a full-arch replacement.  Although hybrid screw-retained dentures are fixed and designed to be permanent, they can be removed or adjusted if necessary.  Problems typically associated with traditional removable dentures, such as the need for relining, are not seen with hybrid screw-retained dentures because they are screwed into the bone offering greater stability and less mouth irritation.

To determine if hybrid screw-retained dentures are the right option for his patients, Dr. Ryan Lewis and his team start with a detailed examination of the teeth and overall oral health.  Once the decision has been made to proceed with the hybrid dentures, measurements of the teeth and gums are taken to create a digital impression on specialized software that determines the placement of the dentures. When the customized surgical guides arrive, the implants can be inserted into the jawbone which requires a minor surgery performed under sedation for optimal comfort.  In most cases a temporary screw retained dentures is attached to the implants the day they are placed.  This provides a significant improvement in our patients quality of life versus a removeable temporary denture. A process called osseointegration then takes place over the next 3-6 months.  This process occurs between the titanium structures and the bone cells of the jaw, promoting new growth and creating a strong, secure bond.

Once the bond between the implants and the bone is secure, the final hybrid screw retained denture can be completed. With his depth of experience and eye for design, Dr. Ryan Lewis and his team at Greeley Prosthodontics then finishes the process by creating the prosthetic teeth in a way that produces an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and incredibly comfortable smile.  Other than using a waterpik type device and floss to clean underneath the dentures, hybrid screw-retained dentures do not require any special or additional care compared to natural teeth.

Implant Overdenture

Dental restoration with dentures have come a long long way over time and with the ever-evolving technology, implant therapy has risen to the top of the preferred methods for replacing lost or damaged teeth. Implant overdentures are dentures, partial or full, that are secured in place by implants, small titanium posts anchored directly into the jaw bone. Because of titanium’s unique ability to act like a natural root, it forms a strong, almost natural bond to the jaw bone while also preventing bone deterioration that often occurs when an empty space is left above the gum line. Implant overdentures are ideal for those who have one, several or all of their teeth absent.

There are many benefits to implant overdentures. Compared to conventional dentures, implant overdentures are more secure and provide more stability during chewing, thus reducing the risk of choking while aiding in overall digestion and nutrition. As mentioned before, dental implants prevent or reduce bone deterioration by stimulating the bone that they are attached. By preventing bone deterioration, implant overdentures also help maintain a more natural and healthy appearance of the jaw and overall facial structure.

Thanks to advances in technology and the dental implant techniques, more people now than ever can be considered candidates for implant overdentures. In general, if a person is healthy enough to undergo a tooth extraction, they will likely handle the implant overdenture therapy without difficulty. Age or other medical conditions such as osteoporosis are thankfully not exclusive contraindications for implant therapy. Ideal candidates are typically those dissatisfied with the discomfort of ill-fitting or constantly moving dentures or those with only some teeth missing but significantly compromised teeth that cannot successfully support partial dentures.

In conclusion, implant overdentures provide an effective, predictable and highly satisfactory solution to the problem of missing teeth. Compared to conventional dentures, implant overdentures are incredibly more comfortable and stable thus positively affecting chewing capabilities and overall nutritional status. Reports also indicate a high level of overall satisfaction and improved quality of life with implant overdentures when compared to the conventional denture. Many in the dental profession now consider implant overdentures a more appropriate first line of treatment for the replacement of teeth over traditional dentures. With a thorough examination and discussion of desired outcomes, Dr. Ryan Lewis and his team at Greeley Prosthodontics would be more than happy to help you determine if implant overdentures are the right solution for your dental needs.